Wall panels combines the natural beauty and heat of the wood.

Wall panel BRUT description:

Type of wood: Antique wood
Material: Spruce and pine
Format: Rectangle
Wall panel dimensions: 720 mm x 100 mm
Thickness: 24 mm
Each pack contains: 14 panels, 1m2
Container size: 740 x 110 x 360 mm
Weight: ca. 13kg / m2
Base: OSB

Decorative wooden wall cladding fixing scheme.

Decorative wooden wall cladding panels are a natural product. Both the antique and the new trees are used to produce such panels. Basis of the panel is made of OSB, but also exist panels without any bases, where parts are glued to one another. Panels are made of natural wood, so their use in wet areas is not recommended. Panels in the bathrooms can be used only in places which have no direct exposure of water.

1. Wooden panels are a natural product, which is marginally subjected to the current climate exposure. For this reason, we recommend before the application of the panel on the wall to keep for 1-2 days panels out of the package in rooms where they are planned to be used.

2. According to required spreading size the panels are divided into two parts.

3. We recommend using mounting adhesive to apply panels to the surface. Choosing adhesive you should note adhesive manufacturer's instructions about the surface we plan to use for panels. Apply glue as shown in the sample.

4. You should start panels mounting from the bottom to the top, leaving a 5mm space from the floor. We recommend using a level indicator.

5. You should leave 5 mm gap between the last panel and the ceiling.

6. Before you saw up places for electrical outlets and other switches, you should measure the place very precisely

7. Internal angle is made by applying panel in 45 degree angle

8. Outer angle could be made by applying panel in 45-degree angle. (pic. A) or by using decorative moldings. (pic. B)


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