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  • Power: 3,7kW / 5HP
  • Power supply: petrol
  • Type of engine: 4-stroke
  • Fuel type: unleaded petrol 95
  • Engine capacity: 139cm3
  • Engine speed: 3600 / min
  • Size of road wheels: front 6 “/ rear 8”
  • Cutting height: 25 -75mm (7-step adjustment)
  • Cutting width: 400mm
  • Type of starter: manual
  • Body casing: steel – enamelled
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1.5L
  • Oil tank capacity: 0.6L
  • Grass catcher capacity: 40L
  • Net weight: 24kg
  • Self propelling: Yes


  • lawn mower
  • instructions
  • original packaging
  • key for candles
  • additional cutting knife

24 months warranty (FV 12 months)

Motor mower powered by Powermat PM-KSS-500N, from the latest series of Powermat mowers, is made of high quality components.
The device is driven by a 4-stroke, OHV overhead valve with a power of 5 HP and a capacity of 139 cm3. The drive motor is characterized by high efficiency and optimal combustion. High durability and quality of engine components, makes this device will serve you for many years.
The mower has three mowing modes:
– rear discharge to the basket
– rear discharge without a basket (under the mower)
– operation with self-propelled drive The
central adjustment allows you to change the mowing height (up to 7 levels) with one move, which greatly facilitates the adjustment of the device to the area where work takes place .
The self-propelled drive function provides greater comfort of work. Pushing the device through dense grass or on an inclined area does not require any effort, because it uses its own drive to move the mower.
The mower cutting blades are made of hardened steel, which ensures long life of the blade. Fixing the blade with a metal brass screw gives exceptional durability of the cutting unit.
The housing body itself is made of enamelled steel, resistant to corrosion, thanks to which the lifetime of the whole machine increases.