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  • Company: POWERMAT
  • Model: PM-KS-600H
  • Power: 6HP / 4.4kW
  • Engine type: 2-stroke
  • Engine capacity: 49cm3
  • Maximum revolutions: 11000 [rpm]
  • Idling speed: 2800-3200 [rpm]
  • Centrifugal speed: 2800-3200 [rpm]
  • Cutting width: 420mm
  • Diameter of cutting discs: 255mm
  • Coupling type: centrifugal clutch
  • Carburetor type: membrane
  • Sound pressure level: LpA: 92.5dB k = 3dBa
  • Type of spark plug: LD-L7T
  • Ignition system: CDI
  • Tank capacity: 1.2L
  • Engine weight: 7.69kg


  • Protective mask
  • 2x Automatic trimmer head
  • High-speed trimmer head with permanent line attachment
  • A set of service tools
  • User manual PL
  • Widescreen saw blade for twigs or weeds with harder stems up to 3/4 “in diameter
  • Three-tooth shield for high and dense grass
  • Suspenders
  • Wall bracket for hanging the scythe
  • Cutting line 2.4mm 10m
  • Tank for making an oil and fuel mixture
  • Protective gloves

Comfortable braces provide relief for the hands and spine, which makes working with the Powermat brushcutter much easier and more comfortable, and above all, less stressing the spine and arms.

Braces are equipped with a protector made of thick plastic, protecting the hip against abrasion and padding during work.

By applying a comfortable adjustment of the harness, we will quickly adjust it to the size of the wearer’s body and the preferred height of the scythe from the ground.

The scythe is equipped with a convenient throttle trigger that locks against accidental operation, as well as a switch and a rotation blocking function.

The scythe is equipped with a two-cycle engine with a capacity of 49cc. Thanks to the centrifugal clutch with high quality cladding, the device is comfortable and safe.

The engine has a mechanical fuel pump so we can take the fuel to the carburetor after a long standstill, and the engine will start without much effort.

The set includes two cutting heads, equipped with a system of automatic issuing of the line after tapping the ground.

The head cover has a knife that shortens the excess line and a reinforced contact part with the ground.

Durable protective mask with a mesh that protects the face and eyes from pebbles or grass scraps coming from under the cutting head.

The mask has a convenient regelation system for the head holder and tilt of the mask.


The PM-KS-600H power cutter with 6 HP power from Powermat is a professional device designed for cutting grass, bushes, shrubs and plating of lawns, orchards etc. It has a solidly constructed forged connecting rod. RedVib technology is an anti-vibration system that reduces vibrations generated during operation.

The completely redesigned design makes our scythe stand out from other models available on the market.

The scythe is designed for both amateur and professional use. Thanks to the light weight, the device is comfortable and comfortable to work with, even if you are working with the device for a long time.

The scythe drive is made of a steel bar terminated with multi-line, which is of great importance with a greater load (mowing with a knife). Most of the scythe is driven by a cable which, when used for a long time, leads to damage (cable breakage).

The head is made of a soft, non-cracking thermosetting plastic. The trimmer head is much more vital than standard eardrums.

In the cut the engine damper was mounted to reduce vibrations (does not transfer vibrations to the hands) – RedVib technology.

The handle with the head can be freely rotated, making it easy to mow in hard-to-reach places.

The device requires fuel in the form of a mixture of 95 octane gasoline with oil for blends for 2-stroke engines.

The noise level is extremely low considering the high engine power (All this is due to the new engine technology).

Easy replacement of cutting accessories allows for easy and quick change of accessories during work.

The use of 2-rings on the piston provides additional sealing and also improves engine performance

The scythe is equipped with a high quality Midori membrane carburetor.